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Youth Pre-Assembly

Message from the Youth Pre-Assembly

Youth_Pre-Assembly_Message.pdf [PDF, 31KB]

LWF Pre-Assembly Seeks Greater Role for Young People in Churches

Young people who will be delegates and stewards at the Eleventh Assembly have called upon the LWF to take steps to alleviate the suffering caused by environmental abuse and climate change, seek an end to gender-based injustice, and enhance the role of young people in Lutheran churches around the world.

Youth Find Unity in Faith and Action

Their lives are separated by distance, language and culture, but Pre-Assembly Youth Conference participants found common bonds to celebrate.

Young Lutherans Speak to their Church

More than 100 young people will gather for the Pre-Assembly Youth Conference to share experiences, hear from global Lutheran leaders and prepare a message for the Assembly.

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Youth Pre-Assembly

11-17 July 2010 | Dresden, Germany


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