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North America Pre-Assembly Consultation

Message from the North America Pre-Assembly Consultation

NAPAC Message [PDF, 256K]


Inclusive Communion Responsibility of Entire LWF

Human trafficking, women in leadership and food justice are priorities for the LWF as a whole, not just for female delegates, say NAPAC women participants.

North American Lutherans Called to Practice Global Justice

The North America Pre-Assembly Consultation kicked off with a call to ensure indigenous people's rights and work for climate, food and economic justice.

Youth Are the Yeast in LWF Bread

North American youth urge new models of church that offer a place at the LWF table for young people’s culture, connectivity and gifts.

North America Region Focuses on Daily Bread Issues

North America pre-assembly participants will wrestle with contextual responses to hunger, poverty, human sexuality, climate change and other challenges.

NAPAC Blog: Welcome to the Table!

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Assembly theme reflections from North America

North America Pre-Assembly Consultation

28-31 January 2010 | Kitchener, Canada


Eleventh Assembly Videos

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