Europe Pre-Assembly Consultation

Message from the Europe Pre-Assembly

Europe_Pre-Assembly_Message.pdf [PDF, 160KB]

Message from the Women's Meeting at the Europe Pre-Assembly

Europe-Womens_Message [PDF, 81K]


European Delegates Demand Food Justice

In their Pre-Assembly message, Lutherans from across Europe have called for political, economic and ecological action to establish food justice.

Reconciliation Action toward Anabaptists “Significant”

LWF Assembly approval of the proposed reconciliation action toward Anabaptists would have a ripple effect worldwide, Europe Pre-Assembly delegates heard.

European Lutherans Called to Rethink Lifestyle

LWF member churches in Europe need to take a critical look at their ecological footprint to avoid sabotaging the prayer for daily bread.

Churches Must Combat Hunger

Participants at the Europe Pre-Assembly were reminded of their churches’ responsibility in securing food for the hungry.

Key Tasks in Europe: Hospitality, Dialogue and Justice

The Europe Pre-Assembly opened with a challenge to the region’s fortress mentality in light of migration and interfaith concerns.

Pre-Assembly Looks at Challenges of Increasingly United Europe

The environment, social engagement, diakonia and migration top the agenda of the Europe Pre-Assembly. Participants will tackle challenges facing the LWF regions in an increasingly united Europe.

Europe Pre-Assembly Consultation

13-17 March 2010 | Bratislava, Slovak Republic


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