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Latin America Pre-Assembly

Message from the Latin America Pre-Assembly

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Region Looks to Contextualize Global Programs

Latin American and Caribbean Pre-Assembly delegates have affirmed the LWF’s centrality in the life of its member churches, and called for efforts to deepen this communion.

Lutherans and Mennonites Celebrate Commitment to Peace

Actions of reconciliation are a witness beyond the church, speaking to humanity’s longing for peace, said the Latin America and Caribbean Pre-Assembly.

Churches Must Promote More Humane Economy

The prayer for daily bread is a prayer for sharing and solidarity, noted a Peruvian Lutheran church leader at her LWF region’s Pre-Assembly.

Churches Called to Work for Inclusive Justice

Colombia’s Lutheran church leader has reminded Latin American and Caribbean member churches of their responsibility to set a table of equality in their region.

Latin American and Caribbean Churches Gather

Delegates at the Latin America and the Caribbean Pre-Assembly will share experiences of being the church in the region’s diverse contexts.

Latin America Pre-Assembly Blog

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Latin America/Caribbean Pre-Assembly

12-16 April 2010 | Bogota, Colombia


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