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Asia Pre-Assembly Consultation

Message from the Asia Pre-Assembly

“Give us today our daily bread” from an Asian perspective [PDF, 130K]


Asian Churches Advocate Simple Lifestyles and Fair Food Distribution

LWF member churches in Asia have appealed to the global Lutheran communion to advocate responsible stewardship of God-given resources.

Diakonia in Asia Builds Bridges between Faiths

Asia Lutherans need more training, funds and awareness-raising in order to expand prophetic diakonia that models an alternative way of being and denounces injustice.

Climate Change Response in Asia Requires Global Solidarity

LWF representatives in Asia are asking the communion to share resources and knowledge so that the Lutheran minority churches in the region can respond effectively to climate change.

Asian Youth Plead for Inclusion and Spiritual Guidance

Young people at the Asia Pre-Assembly are asking adults in the communion to take closer note of issues hindering the spirituality of its youth.

Change Structures That Exclude, Say Asian Women

The LWF needs to ensure that women have opportunities to speak, act and take a lead in their own churches, according to female Asia Pre-Assembly delegates. 

Asian Lutherans Must Work for Bread for All

The church is called to follow the ancient prophets’ example and challenge the powerful who ignore the cries of the needy, the Asia Pre-Assembly Consultation heard in its opening session.

Asia Pre-Assembly Consultation

6-9 December 2009 | Bangkok, Thailand


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