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Déborah Rosenkranz Records Two Songs for LWF Assembly

The Franco-German singer Déborah Rosenkranz has recorded two new songs for the Eleventh Assembly. The songs “Give us our daily bread” and “Wonders can be done” are based on the Assembly theme “Give Us Today Our Daily Bread.”

The Evangelical Lutheran Church in Württemberg hopes with these two songs to strike a chord among young people and encourage them to explore the Assembly theme.

The songs will premiere on 24 July at the evening get-together at Schiller square in Stuttgart.

Rosenkranz, who is 27, lives on Lake Constance in southern Germany. She comes from a family of musicians and speaks five languages. The artist uses her voice to defend and uplift those who are disadvantaged.

In addition to these two songs, there is the official Assembly song “Give, give us” written and composed by Swedish songwriter Rev. Per Harling.

The CD with Ms Rosenkranz’s two songs can be ordered for EUR 4.95 from:

Evangelisches Medienhaus
Augustenstr. 124
70197 Stuttgart, Germany
email: info@dont-want-spam.evmedienhaus.de 


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