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Women's Pre-Assembly

Message from the Women's Pre-Assembly

The Hunger for Justice and the Bread of Life [PDF, 2MB]


Hungry for the Bread of Justice

The message from the Women’s Pre-Assembly expresses a strong yearning for cultural transformation in the Lutheran communion and wider society.

Prayer for Daily Bread Is Plea for Women’s Dignity

Encouraging statistics about women’s ordination in LWF member churches mask a reality of gender disparity and marginalization, the Women’s Pre-Assembly heard.

Pre-Assembly Calls for More Women in LWF Leadership

Women's Pre-Assembly participants are asking the LWF to do more to ensure gender equity in its governing bodies and sensitivity to issues that affect women.

Gender Justice Linked to Daily Bread

The Women’s Pre-Assembly opening session noted that gender inequality marks global food realities. The LWF must work for a sustainable global community with gender justice at its center.

Blog: Gender, Bread and Justice


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Women's Pre-Assembly

27-31 October 2009 | Bogis-Bossey, Switzerland


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