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Cultural and Congress Center

The LWF Eleventh Assembly will be held in Stuttgart's Liederhalle Culture and Congress Center. After having been totally destroyed in World War II, this building was completely rebuilt in 1956. It is considered today as one the most important German cultural edifices of the post-war period. Major concerts and other cultural events are held there regularly.

The center, which comprises five large concert halls and 18 conference rooms, can accommodate approximately 3,000 conference participants. Hotels for Assembly participants are within easy walking distance of the venue.

Stuttgart – Metropolis between Forest and Vines

Located in southwest Germany, Stuttgart is the seat of government and the capital of the Baden-Württemberg state. The city suffered considerable destruction during the Second World War and thus had to be largely rebuilt; its modern cityscape is a successful combination of the old and the new.

Besides the Altes Schloss (old castle) or the Königsbau (royal court building) stand ultramodern edifices such as the new Kunstmuseum (art gallery). Stuttgart has a lot to offer with respect to its cultural attractions, notably reputable orchestras and the famous Stuttgart Ballet. The city is still surrounded by vineyards, offering opportunity for great walks, as does the Schönbuch National Park, a large forest area nearby. This natural scenery frames the city in a unique way.

Slightly under 600,000 people live and work in the metropolitan area. Stuttgart is part of the Central Neckar economic region, with its numerous small and medium-size businesses and major international corporations, such as Mercedes Benz, Porsche or Bosch. The international aid agency Brot für die Welt (Bread for the World) is also located in the city.


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