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Registration & Fees

Upon arrival in Stuttgart and after check-in at the hotel, all participants are required to formally register. Registration will take place in the Hegel Foyer of the Liederhalle as of 17 July from 8:00 to 22:00.

At the registration you will receive a “welcome bag” containing various materials (according to your language choice) e.g. Agenda and exhibits, name badge, Practical Guide to the Assembly, worship resources book, material on Stuttgart.

For those who arrive after 22:00 registration will take place the following day.


The registration fee of USD 150 must be paid in advance by each participant.

In case of non-receipt of the registration fee, participants will be required to pay in cash when registering in Stuttgart.

Self-payers who attend the entire Assembly will be charged €350 for all meals and breaks. Participants who stay for a shorter period will have the possibility to purchase daily meal tickets (€50 for lunch, two breaks and dinner).


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