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From the Nordic Region: Questions Worth Pondering

God, the Giver of All Good Gifts

As men and women we are made in God’s image, redeemed by Christ and called to live in communion with God and each other. In today’s world, how do we Lutherans witness to God, the giver of all good gifts?

The Sacred Gift

Have we lost our sense of the sacredness of creation? If God is the giver (Ps 24:1), how can we accept farming or fishing policies that abuse the planet? How can we tolerate unhealthy food or see tons of food thrown away? How can we countenance a climate change that is chiefly caused by the West, but hits the poorest countries hardest?

The Gift of Life

Why are we as a Christian fellowship not able to fight for the just sharing of safe and nutritious food by all? Is there anything in the Lutheran confession that “all human beings ... are born with sin” (CA II) that allows us to accept the status quo of injustice and lack of dignity for so many human beings?  Do we believe that some of us have a greater God-given right to a full human life than people who do not believe in God’s grace?

The Gift of Responsibility

God has made us stewards of creation (Gen 1:26-28). How does this influence the way we care for our own health, the food we eat and the agriculture policy of our community? How can we show responsibility for national and international policies on food, land and water? 


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