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Daily Bread and HIV & AIDS

For people living with HIV or affected by AIDS, the “bread” emphasized in the LWF Assembly theme means freedom from infection, stigma, discrimination and other social and spiritual consequences of the pandemic. LWF member church representatives share on video their reflections about the challenges in AIDS response.

In Nicaragua, the Church Is First to Help

Seeing the glory of God in people with HIV, the church acts to provide care and prevent further suffering. [Spanish]

Hellen Javiera Rios Carrillo | The Nicaraguan Lutheran Church of Faith and Hope

Language: Spanish | English translation  [PDF]

A Care-giver’s Story

Ms Cunningham tells of a brave woman, abused at home, whose disease did not keep her from learning how to care for others and raising her children. Yet she did not tell the whole truth about her sickness.

Ms Colleen Cunningham | Moravian Church in South Africa

Daily Bread of Compassion

A pastor carries the bread of compassion to those living with HIV and affected by AIDS, in recognition of the face of Jesus reflected in each person. [Spanish]

Rev. Luis Cristobál Alejo Fernández | President, Bolivian Evangelical Lutheran Church

Language: Spanish | English translation  [PDF]

I Feel Challenged…

For Isak Pelao Malua, a pastor from Angola, praying for daily bread means a willingness to be a part of the way that God answers everyone’s prayers for daily bread.

Rev Isak Pelao Malua | The Evangelical Lutheran Church of Angola

We Pray “Give Us,” Not “Give Me”

Our neighbors also belong to God and our prayers are that their lives may have the bread that is the compassion of Christ and that we might unite our prayers with action on behalf of our neighbors.

Ms Venah Mzezewa | Coordinator, HIV and AIDS program, Lutheran Communion in Southern Africa

Encouraging Society to Be Inclusive

The church in Chile seeks to ensure that those now marginalized or excluded are brought into society with fair access to care and daily bread.

Rev. Dr. Gloria Rojas Vargas | President, Evangelical Lutheran Church in Chile

Language: Spanish | English translation  [PDF]

How the Young Suffer!

Without daily bread and the basic needs of life, young people, especially those who lose both parents to AIDS, may face a terrifying future of drugs and exploitation.

Ms Alison Williams | Cape Orange Diocese, Evangelical Lutheran Church in Southern Africa

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