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Taiwan: Bamboo Bowls

Taiwanese Bamboo Bowls from “Praise Fellowship”

These bamboo bowls are a gift from “Praise Fellowship,” a group of people with disabilities in Shiquan Church, a congregation of the Taiwan Lutheran Church.

Praise Fellowship meet weekly to share faith and life experiences, and to worship and attend church activities, explained Rev. Selma Chen. Although differently-abled, the group’s members have wonderful gifts from God.

“Some are skilled [at] handicrafts like beading or painting,” she said, noting that although it was hard work to paint the bowls, the group was happy to share their God-given gifts with LWF member churches.

The Taiwan Lutheran Church has nearly 16,000 members in 120 congregations and is known for its outreach to university students.

In Taiwan, bamboo is a special plant. The leaves are used to wrap rice dumplings and the stems for storage; bamboo shoots are considered a delicacy. Steaming rice in these bowls will lend it a natural bamboo aroma.


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