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Mozambique: Coconut Bowls

Youth Make Bowls for LWF Assembly

These bowls are produced from empty coconut shells. They were made by youth members of a project on human rights and health for women run by the LWF Department for World Service (DWS) country program in Mozambique.

The 13 teenagers were already trained in making jewelry and other handicrafts with the objective to develop skills and build self-esteem among young people in Chamanculo township near the capital, Maputo. DWS’ overall goal is to create jobs and reduce poverty there.

Coconut trees are found in northern and central Mozambique. One tree can grow up to a height of 15 meters. It produces fruit with two skin layers. The softer inner one can be removed with a knife.

To make the bowls, the empty coarse shell is soaked in water for 24 to 28 hours, and then scraped until smooth. It is cut proportionately with the upper wide side as the brim, and the lower smaller one as the base. Both portions are glued together and then polished and varnished to make the bowl.

It can take four days to make one bowl, used in Mozambique for drinking and holding liquids.


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