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Worship Life at the Assembly

 “Prepare the soil for a new beginning!” This call during the first morning worship will invite participants at the LWF Eleventh Assembly to look at what is needed in church and society so that new seeds may grow.

The daily cycle includes morning worship with Holy Communion, midday devotion and evening prayer – undergirded by lively hymns, organ, choirs, brass, drums, guitar and various traditional instruments.

The opening worship and Sunday worship services will be broadcast on television. Participants are invited to join local congregations for Sunday worship and companionship.

On six days the morning sermon – based on the daily Bible study – is proclaimed by representatives from LWF regions and may include drama, mime or symbolic action. The liturgies are prepared by an international committee.

Diversity in Worship

The local worship team is comprised of pastors, church musicians, persons from various church-related agencies and representatives of the consistory of the Assembly host church, the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Württemberg.

The local worship team is entrusted with the task of organizing Assembly worship in such a way that the diversity and fullness of God’s grace is given vivid expression in word and music through a blend of voices and rhythms.

The team liaises with the international worship team in dealing with a multitude of practical matters. It attends to candles, Bibles, bread and wine and many other creative liturgical elements, as well as musical instruments for hymns representing the entire worldwide communion. A special choir from Stuttgart has begun rehearsing; it will be joined by other participants to make up the Assembly choir.

The worship team will also organize evening liturgies, inviting participants to gather together before God for a moment of tranquility after a day of intense discussions. Hymns from Taizé and musical versions of the Lord's Prayer from the different continents will be sung. A Bible passage will be selected for meditation, thus offering a different scriptural perspective each evening.


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