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Explore - The Assembly and Its Themes

Find out about LWF Assemblies in general. Delve into the Eleventh Assembly theme "Give Us Today Our Daily Bread." Discover other topics for discussion within the communion in conjunction with the Stuttgart Assembly.

Worship Prepares Communion for Renewed Focus

Participants will worship together over 20 times during the Assembly.

Daily Bread in Africa

Millet, sorghum and cassava (or manioc) are important staples in Africa. Mainly grown by small-holder farmers in environments with limited water and no fertilizers, they are seen as "poor people's crops."

India: From Tsunami Disaster to New Life

After the tsunami, villagers find a new and better way to live.

Singing about their Lives

They sing, solemnly and joyously, about their lives. The Betseranai Choir from Zimbabwe is composed of people living with HIV.


Eleventh Assembly Videos

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