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The Assembly theme is both a prayer to God, as the giver and sustainer of life, and a challenge to human beings, as God’s partners in this divine generosity, to ensure that every person has bread and other necessities for life.

For those living with HIV or affected by AIDS, “bread” means freedom from infection, stigma, discrimination and other social and spiritual consequences of the pandemic. In this petition, we pray for unconditional acceptance, food security and medication. We pray for life, and we commit to sustaining life and saving lives.

For the Sake of Life

The 24 July public hearing aims to renew the LWF commitment to sustaining life in the face of HIV and AIDS.

Singing about their Lives

They sing, solemnly and joyously, about their lives. The Betseranai Choir from Zimbabwe is composed of people living with or affected by HIV.


Eleventh Assembly Videos

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