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Study Materials

The Assembly study materials take into account the regional focus of the meeting's worship life. Each study material brochure includes a Bible study, questions for reflection, a hymn, a feature story and information about a regional staple food.

Study Materials, Day One - Given By Grace | Nordic region [PDF, 765KB]

Study Materials, Day Two - To All | Asia region [PDF, 694KB]

Study Materials, Day Three - Today | Central Western and Central Eastern Europe region [PDF, 863KB]

Study Materials, Day Four - Having Enough | Africa region [PDF, 1MB]

Study Materials, Day Five - Bread | Latin America and Caribbean region [PDF, 886KB]

Study Materials, Day Six - The Bread of Life | North America region [PDF, 1MB]

General Resources

Give Us Today Our Human Rights [PDF, 1.8MB]

What Is Enough? Perspectives on Food Security and Sovereignty [PDF, 1.78MB]

Women's Daily Bread [PDF, 1.79 MB]

"and forgive us" - Lutherans Repent Anabaptist Persecution [PDF, 2MB]

Theological/Biblical Reflection

A Lenten Reflection on Need and Nourishment [PDF, 66KB]

Our Daily Bread - Liturgical Material for International Women’s Day [PDF; 390 KB]

The High Cost of Food: Familiar Refrains in a New Crisis [PDF, 70KB]

Service of Repentance Liturgy [PDF, 351KB]

Video Reflections


Eleventh Assembly Videos

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