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About the Assembly 2010 Logo

The logo’s modest, simple design attempts to combine several elements in one graphic image.

The cross in the center clearly indicates that Jesus Christ, the Crucified One, is the Lord of the church. The cross is curved in order to emphasize that it is not an inert but rather a living entity. Its graceful upward curve symbolizes our hope in the resurrection.

The cross is surrounded by a stylized bud. Drawn by a single pen stroke in a vivid green, this bud represents the life and growth which God gives to all the creation. It symbolizes also the reign of God, which is growing and spreading.

The unfolding bud represents “our daily bread.” All bread, all food begins as something minute. Every plant begins with a tiny seed, and only if this seed falls into the earth and dies can it become a great plant which will bear much fruit.

The small number of brush strokes contained in the logo make unmistakably clear how dependent humankind is on bread and how our petition for “daily bread” is at once simple and vital. The kind, reassuring character of this logo attempts to reflect the kindness of God who is present among us in the form of bread and wine—the fruits of the earth in which we see the crucified and risen One.


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