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Women's Space

Female participants are invited to discover the Women’s Space at the Assembly.

This will be a space (room) where women can come together, share opinions and impressions, and strategize about making women’s participation in the overall Assembly more active.

This space is also for sharing experiences on the three main themes discussed at the Women’s Pre-Assembly (Geneva, October 2009) and in all regional pre-assemblies:
•    Women in Leadership
•    Human Trafficking
•    Food Justice

The Women’s Space will be open during lunch time each day. Some days there will be a special focus on some issues. The intention is not to have a formal workshop, but rather to come together, share related materials and discuss the three themes with a facilitator on hand.

Women are invited to bring materials–flyers, pamphlets, etc–from their church context regarding these themes for display at the Women’s Space, sharing the diversity of reflections in our Communion.

Women's Pre-Assembly

Women's Space

Room T58 | Liederhalle


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