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Assembly Theme Reflections


What is "daily bread"?  

For LWF President Bishop Mark S. Hanson, the Assembly theme is a prayer of both confidence and commitment...  

Bishop Mark S. Hanson | LWF president & Evangelical Lutheran Church in America presiding bishop


Exploring the Assembly theme

Give Us Today Our Daily Bread | German Bishop Frank Otfried July of the host Evangelical Lutheran Church in Württemberg

Language: German | English translation  [PDF]


The Power of Information

Concern for peace, justice, fairness and participation of women in church and society challenge Christians today, along with the problems created by poor government and lack of adequate medical treatments. Information, like that provided through the ALCINET Web site, is power, enabling people to develop.

Ms Brenda V. Akpan | The Lutheran Church of Nigeria | Chairperson, LWF Program Committee for World Service | Editor, Africa Lutheran Communication and Information Network (ALCINET)


Everything Is a Gift from God

Martin Luther’s catechism tells us that “daily bread” is more than bread, but includes all we need for life, including good government, seasonable weather and true friends. God wants these things to be shared and our responsibility is to see that no one in the world goes without his or her daily bread.

Bishop Dr Eero Huovinen | Evangelical Lutheran Church of Finland | LWF Vice-President, Nordic Countries


A Dream: Sharing with the Poor

As the worldwide economic recession destroys the hopes and aspirations of millions, especially in Africa, Bishop Kameeta has a dream and a vision of sharing with the poor and giving them bread and dignity. The Eleventh Assembly can make a contribution to this noble dream.

Bishop Dr Zephania Kameeta | Evangelical Lutheran Church in the Republic of Namibia | LWF Vice-President, Africa


The Faith is Practical

Faith is expressed not only in worship services and theological reflections, but when Christians stand alongside people in their daily lives. In Central America, people are truly poor, but have dreams that the world will be a better place with God in the heart and the conviction that God is love.

Bishop Dr Victoria Cortéz-Rodríguez | The Nicaraguan Lutheran Church of Faith and Hope | LWF Vice-President, Latin America and the Caribbean

Language: Spanish | English translation  [PDF]



Break Bread, Recognize Jesus

It was in breaking bread, or close personal encounter, that disciples recognized the resurrected Jesus. Today, the daily bread of many is threatened by climate change. It is often the women who seek bread, like the woman who – though a foreigner – came to Jesus and persisted in her search for what she needed. Persistent women around the world today seek justice for women as a way to obtain their daily bread.

Rev. Dr Barbara Rossing | Evangelical Lutheran Church in America | Chairperson, LWF Program Committee for Theology and Studies


A History of Helping

From the relief that was given to those living in Europe following World War II to the assistance now offered to African refugees worldwide, the LWF has responded to human need. Now a strong communion of churches, the LWF faces the challenges of a globalized world with God’s word, in both word and deed.

Mr Peter Stoll | Evangelical Lutheran Church in Württemberg | LWF Treasurer

Language: German | English translation  [PDF]


The Daily Bread of Justice

A Palestinian Christian bishop from the Middle East uplifts the need for the “daily bread” of justice across gender divisions, ethnic differences, economic inequities and national boundaries. The search for justice also means work to protect the integrity of God’s creation.

Bishop Dr Munib A. Younan | Evangelical Lutheran Church in Jordan and the Holy Land | LWF Vice-President, Asia


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