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Ecumenical Greetings

Armenian Catholicos Aram I Sends Greetings to Assembly

Message Says “God’s Gift of Bread Not for Our Selfish Needs”

Christians to Create “Prophetic Responses to Humanity”

“Respect for human dignity has been lost in people's minds and hearts … all Christians [need] to create prophetic responses to humanity”: Bartholomew I

Organizing Witness and Service Together

Assembly Greeting from UEC Presiding Bishop Fischer

LWF of “Great Significance” for Germany

German National Committee Presiding Bishop Brings Greetings to the Assembly

World YWCA General Secretary Praises Lutherans for Resolutions on Justice

Calls on the LWF to Expose the Sin of Sexism

“There has been No Ecumenical Winter”

Cardinal Walter Kasper Says Lutherans and Catholics Can No Longer Afford Our Differences.

Conservative Lutherans are critical, but grateful for LWF relationships

Kieschnick nonetheless grateful for ties with LWF.

“It is our daily bread, not my daily bread”

Secretary of the Organization of African Instituted Churches greets Assembly.

World Communion of Reformed Churches Brings Greetings to LWF

“Thank you for praying along with us and accompanying us on our journey”. 

“We Recognize Ourselves as Children of the Reformation”

Co-chair of Lutheran-Pentecostal Study Group Brings Greetings.

“Unity needed more than ever”: WCC General Secretary

"When we pray for daily bread, we acknowledge the body of Christ, the bread of life, given for our salvation, and we experience the hunger of justice that calls us into communion for actions of sharing.”

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