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Media Visitation Program

Visitation Options

I. Mennonite centers in Germany and Switzerland (day trip)

  • Mennonite Research Center and Archives in Weierhof
  • Theological Seminary Bienenberg in Liestal, Switzerland
  • Mennonite Voluntary Service e.V. in Bammental
  • the German Mennonite Peace Committee in Bammental

II. Social services in Stuttgart addressing poverty in the city (app. 2 hours)

  • FIZ - an information center advocating against women trafficking
  • “Trottwar” - a newspaper run by homeless people
  • “Tafeln” - a church-based organization which offers low-cost food to marginalized people

III. Stuttgart and the Bible (app. 2 hours)

  • German Bible Society - Bible translation and publishing
  • “Landesbibliothek Württemberg” - large collection of Bibles in the Württemberg regional library archives

IV. Sustainable development initiatives in Germany (2-4 hours)

  • Organic  farm near Stuttgart
  • Protestant Academy of Bad Boll - implementation of an eco-management project including organic food and local energy production

V. Promotion of fair trade (app. 2 hours)

  • “One World” shop in Stuttgart with fair trade goods

Kindly indicate your preference on the accreditation application form. Further information will be forwarded after accreditation.


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