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Video Streaming from the Plenary

Tuesday, 20 July

Presentation of host church, Formal opening & Appointment of Assembly Committees (Plenary I)

Wednesday, 21 July

President’s Address (Plenary II), General Secretary’s Report (Plenary III), Report from Assembly Committees & Treasurer’s Report (Plenary IV)

Thursday, 22 July

Nominations Committee (Plenary VI), Discussion on keynote address (Plenary VI), Renewal report & Mennonite action (Plenary VII), Renewal discussion continued, Nominations close (Plenary VIII)

Friday, 23 July

Youth & Women (Plenary IX), Daily Bread, Climate Change and Food, Security (Public Hearing)

Saturday, 24 July

Final reports of Credentials and Elections Committee & Nominations Committee, Elections (Plenary X), “Daily Bread” and Illegitimate Debt (Public Hearing), Daily Bread and HIV and AIDS (Public Hearing), Renewal report (Plenary XI)

Monday, 26 July

Other Assembly Outcomes (Plenary XII), First reading of message (Plenary XIII), Plenary XIV

Tuesday, 27 July

Final reading of the Message (Plenary XV), Approval of the minutes (Plenary XVI)


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